Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Spirit Exercise Bike – XBU75 - XBR95 - XE700 – Repair procedure – Engineering mode

Repair Procedures
PROCEDURE 1: Check harness for voltage

1. Remove the console.
2. Turn meter on setting to test for DC voltage.
3. Put one lead on pin 2 and the other lead on pin 3. There should be around 6 volts.
4. Remember that you must be pedaling the unit in order to get the voltage reading unless you have the unit plugged into an outlet.
5. If there is no voltage, go to procedure 2
PROCEDURE 2: Check for DC voltage from Console
1. Remove the cover beneith the seat to access the controller.
2. Turn the meter on setting to test for DC voltage.
3. Leave the harness connected to the controller and put the leads on the 2nd and 5th wires. (You will probably need to remove some of the glue from the back of the harness)
4. Press start and set the resistance to level 1. At level 1 there should be aprox .130 volts. At level 2 there should be aprox .78 volts. Level 3 should be aprox .82 volts.
5. If the reading is not close to these numbers, the problem is either the console or the harness. If the readings are what they should be, go to next step.
6. With meter still on DC setting, put leads into the back of the 2 pin connector as pictured below.
This is the connector for the wires that go to the brake coil.
7. At level 1 the voltage reading should be zero. At level 2 and above, if you get any reading the controller is working.
8. If you don't have any voltage, the controller needs to be replaced. If there is voltage but still no resistance, the brake coil needs to be replaced.
PROCEDURE 3: Test for AC voltage from generator

1. Turn meter on setting to test for AC voltage.
2. Put meter leads on the two red wires of the generator harness as pictured.
3. There should be an AC voltage reading as you begin to pedal and it should increase as you pedal faster.
4. You can also test exactly the same way using the two black wires that come directly out of the generator.
PROCEDURE 4: Tighten seat carriage
If the seat assembly on the recumbent bike is loose and wobbles from side to side, follow these instructions to tighten it up.
(Front wheel assembly on Left side)
(Rear wheel assembly on Left side)
1. Loosen the nylon nut (B) with a 13mm wrench.
2. Press down on (A) with an 11mm wrench.
3. While pressing down on (A), tighten the nylon nut (B).
4. Use this procedure on all 4 seat wheel assemblies.
There are two wheels on each assembly. By pressing down on (A) you are turning the assembly so that the inside wheel (which is connected to “B”) is pressed to the top of the track while the outer wheel (which is connected to “A”) remains pressed to the bottom of the track.
PROCEDURE 5: Engineering Mode
1. Press and hold the START, ENTER, and STOP buttons until display beeps.
2. “ENGINEERING MODE” will scroll across the screen, press ENTER.
3. Press the UP and/or DOWN buttons to scroll through the following sub menus:
# Key Test
# Display Test
# Functions
# Security
# Exit
4. Press ENTER to access the desired menu.
5. Press STOP to exit Engineering Mode.
Key Test
Press ENTER. Press all buttons on console.
Display Test
Press ENTER. Console will test each segment or LED. Look to see if there are any
burned out or not working.
Sleep Mode On/Off > Press ENTER to turn on or off.
Pause Mode On/Off > Press ENTER to turn on or off.
Odometer Reset > Press ENTER to reset.
Units English/Metric > Press ENTER to change.
Beep Sound On/Off > Press ENTER to turn on or off.
DA Test > Press ENTER to begin the test.
Bike or Elliptical > Press ENTER to change.
Child Lock On/Off > Press ENTER to turn on or off.
Press ENTER to exit Engineering Mode.