Sunday, January 01, 2017

Nvidia Shield Tablet K1 – Disassembling procedure – How to replace the speakers

Starting at the Micro SD Card Slot and using the blue plastic opening tool, begin to maneuver the tool around the edges while applying light pressure to lift the panel upwards.
There are clips holding the back panel to the rest of the case. You must apply some force to lift the back panel off.
Continue lifting up the panel all the way around the edges of the tablet.
Once all of the panel clips are unfastened, gently remove the back panel.
Be careful when removing the two pieces of tape because there are wires underneath the tape.
Lifting too hard may accidentally rip out the wires.
While using the black plastic spudger tool, slowly lift the tape with your fingers and hold the wires down with the tool.
The audio input film is running underneath the foam piece and is fragile Be careful when removing this piece.
Slowly lift the black foam piece near the WIFI antenna to reveal the audio input film.
It is not necessary to remove the foam piece from the device entirely, just as long as you're able to free the audio input film without resistance.
Carefully remove the audio input films for each speaker from their respective ZIF (zero insertion force) connectors. These are the paper thin ribbons that have orange stripes along them.
Pull up the white latch on the ZIF connector, which will release the film and allow you to pull it out with tweezers.
Repeat this for both speakers.
Remove the power cables connecting the speakers to the battery. These are black wires with gold tips.
Again, use the tweezers to carefully pull them up from their places, they should pop right off.
There are three of these black wires in total, but only two belong to the speakers. follow the paths of the wires to make sure they are connected to a speaker.
Free the speakers by removing their screws. You'll need the J000 Phillips-head screw Driver. Each screw is roughly 30 mm in length and 30 mm in diameter.