Friday, January 06, 2017

Nokia Lumia 610 – Disassembling procedure – How to replace the touch screen

Slide the back cover off, and remove the battery
There are 8 Torx 5 screws you have to remove, 4 on each side
After removing all 8 screws, proceed to prying off the back cover
This is done very easily, by prying it from the 3 grooves depicted
This step might also be done using your nails, as the clips are not strong at all
Watch out - the buttons easily fall out; just make sure you don't loose any.
Lift the back cover up, and pull it back - most likely, the 2 sided tape sealing the camera module will be the last thing to break loose
Make sure you stick it back to the rear case assembly after this step
Disconnect the 2 ribbon cables connecting the LCD & Digitizer to the motherboard
Lift the motherboard up from the back, and pull it backwards
Apply the same motion as with the back casing
You should now have separated the motherboard from the LCD/Digitizer Assembly
To detach the LCD, gently lift it from the sides - be careful, and don't pull too hard on the ribbon cable.
It's secured in with pretty weak double-sided tape, so this step shouldn't be a problem.
Remove the ear-piece speaker from the Digitizer Assembly
It's held in by - again - pretty weak double-sided tape
2nd picture gives you a look of the front of the speaker unit - it's pretty hard to damage the membrane - though, be too careful
Something very easy to forget - remove the tiny rubber gasket for the microphone, and place it in the new front panel.